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Over 35 Years Of Developing Great Leaders

Drs. Ken and Marjorie Blanchard incorporated Blanchard in 1979 with three simple goals—to make a difference in people’s lives, to drive human worth and effectiveness in the workplace, and to help each organization we work with become the provider, employer, and investment of choice. The founders of İşletme Yönetim Geliştirme Merkezi, Mehmet and Seval Özcan shared the same dream. Mehmet Özcan and Blanchard who saw that their organizations’ vision, mission and values were in alignment, decided to become business partners in Turkey.

Leadership And Management Training Solutions

Offering solutions in Turkish, English, German, French and Spanish, our aim is to set organizations for success and unleash the human potential with our unique expertise, continuous support and committed approach to solve problems and to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our comprehensive leadership and management training solutions utilize a common language, system, and framework to drive productivity and performance, and create lasting change.

Blanchard Türkiye is here to help you improve employee productivity, performance and motivation. Contact us today to discuss your organization's unique needs:

Call at 90 - 212 - 274 88 48/49

e-mail: blanchard@blanchard.com.tr

For more information about Blanchard, global programs and services please visit www.blanchard.com

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You may find a list of our programs that our experienced facilitators deliver in Turkish, English, Spanish and French below:


Create success with a situational approach to leadership

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Self Leadership

Empower everyone to take control of their own success

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Coaching Essentials

Behind every engaged employee is a manager with great coaching skills

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Team Leadership

Team leadership training to power high-performance teams

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Leading People Through Change

Co-create meaningful organizational change

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Building Trust

Great leadership begins with a workplace culture built on trust

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Challenging Conversations

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Goal Setting

Giving Feedback


Blanchard Management Essentials

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